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The Falls of Elakala in Silk Like Streams Picture

The Falls of Elakala in Silk Like Streams

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Location: Blackwater Falls State Park, WV
Season: Summer
Added: Sep 16, 2006
Camera Info
Nikon N90 (Film)
February 3, 2004
One of the smaller waterfalls in Blackwater Falls State Park West Virginia is the Falls of Elakala, just a short hike from park’s lodge. The park’s centerpiece is where the Blackwater River tumbles over a 60-foot cliff into the Blackwater Canyon. The canyon is extremely impressive in both rapid descent and dangerous beauty. The park is located in the mountains of eastern West Virginia. The Elakala waterfall is roughly 35 feet in height, but the stream itself tumbles a couple of hundred feet within a short distance to meet the Blackwater River far below.
Subjects featured: Elakala Falls; Shay Run; Blackwater River Canyon;
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