Commission Michael for Your Photography Needs

Have Michael D. McCumber's skills at your disposal to photograph your park, city, town, or area.

My portfolio of pictures should be testament enough that my talents for capturing vibrant scenery lay outside and with few people. I'm a landscape photographer who specializes in both rural and urban scenes and as such I don't take up any work for weddings, or social events.

My services are available to help you capture the essence of a place, town, area, resort, or park in its best possible light. Patience may be required as that best light isn't available everyday or even every month but perhaps only occasionally. The time required to perform this service may take a day, a month, or a year.

The cost of my services can range from $5,000 to $100,000 depending on the job and the amount of time necessary to complete it. What I do freely for Ohiopyle State Park, PA, I can do for your enterprise.

I would prefer commissions within a driving range of three hours from Pittsburgh, PA, otherwise a steep surcharge for traveling expenses will ensue.

An outline of my service:

  • Provide me an area to photograph and detail what qualities you would like highlighted.
  • Particular buildings or features you would want photographed.
  • Special attributes or times of the year you would like the project to be worked on (e.g. when the spring blossoms are in bloom, trees have fall foliage, snowfall).

How the process works:

  • I'll take an initial visit to catalog all of the work that'll need done and along with your needs for what all seasons need captured; I'll come up with an estimate for the cost. Normally I would have provided a ball park figure prior to this step.
  • It may be necessary to break the job up into parts to fully capture, for example, a year of different seasons at the place.
  • Depending on weather, conditions, and scheduling I may need to make numerous trips to your location at unpredictable times. For example, fall foliage peak varies every year. It may take me sometime to realize when the best lighting for your location is and to adjust to the change of lighting throughout the year.

For more information, you may contact Michael D. McCumber.

Commission Michael to photograph the essence of your place, town, area, resort, or park in its best possible light. Learn More >